Frequently Asked Questions


+ Q: How will I know how to access my unit after I rent on-line?

A: You will receive an email as soon as you complete your on-line move in. This email will give you instructions for moving in including how to get your lock for standard storage and how to get your lock and outer door key for Climate Control Units.

+ Q: What if I receive an email stating my rental is incomplete?

A: This usually means that the credit card information was not entered correctly and you simply need to go through the move-in process again paying special attention to the payment page.

+ Q: Can I reserve a unit on-line?

A: No we do not allow on-line reservations so please give us a call as we most likely have something that will accommodate your move in needs. 607-273-5524

+ Q: Do I need to bring my own lock?

A: No. Your lock is provided at no additional charge. The email you receive after your on-line move in will instruct you on how to obtain your lock.

+ Q: What do I need to take when moving in?

A: We recommend a moisture barrier be placed on the floor if putting cardboard boxes on the floor. This can be a pallet which will allow airflow or a piece of plastic. Also you will need to bring a pair of scissors to open the packaging on your brand new lock that will be provided for you.

+ Q: What should I do with the YELLOW TAB on my unit door?

A: Pull down on the tab and leave it on the ground beside your unit. We will reuse it. Please do not put the YELLOW TAB back on your door after you have vacated your unit.

+ Q: Do you have a master key for the locks you provide?

A: No we do not have a master key. New York State law does not allow self-storage to retain a key for entering units. If you lose your keys we will need to cut the lock. There is a $25 cash charge to have the lock cut and an appointment must be made to schedule the lock being cut. The lock is yours to keep and must be removed once you are finished with your unit. We do not reuse them.

+ Q: Do I need to meet up with the staff before moving in?

A: You will be instructed on how to access your unit via email if on-line rental, or by written instructions at the kiosk. If you wish to meet us you may call for an appointment. We will do our best to accommodate you!

+ Q: What if I want to see a unit before I rent?

A: You are welcome to call and make an appointment or stop in during our business hours. Hours: 9-12 Monday through Friday. Calling ahead is recommended.

+ Q: What Forms of payment are accepted for Move-In:

A: On-line Visa or Master Card. At the kiosk: Visa, Master Card, or Cash. In person: Visa, Master Card, Cash, or Check. Once you are a customer you can pay by: Visa, MasterCard, Cash, Check, ACH, or Money Order. Visa, MasterCard, and ACH payments may be set up as automatic payments if you wish. Check and Money Order payments can be made via USPO also.

+ Q: When is payment due?

A: I-Deal uses Anniversary date billing so the day you rent the unit is the day your rent is due each month. If you will be in the unit past the due date the full rent amount is due as we do not prorate.

+ Q: How can I rent a unit?

A: We have 3 ways to rent! On-line Rentals: Go to and choose the RENT NOW button. This will take you through the move in process, allowing you to choose insurance if you wish, check out our promotions, and read the contract before committing your payment. Then you will receive an email giving you instructions how to access your storage unit, how to set up your on-line account for making future on-line payments or automatic payments, as well as a copy of your contract. The front of the contract shows your unit # and the address where your unit is located.

Kiosk Rentals: Located at our office at 2323 Slaterville Rd. Please read notes posted in kiosk to learn how to obtain your free lock.

Rent in our office: Hours: 9-12 Monday through Friday. Calling ahead is recommended.

+ Q: What if the unit I rent is too small?

A: you can contact I-Deal Self Storage and ask us to transfer you to a larger available unit any time you need a larger unit. The money you have paid will transfer over to the new unit minus a prorated amount paid from the time you rented.

+ Q: Will I receive payment due reminders and proof of payment made on-line or at the kiosk?

A: Yes you will receiving an invoice via email 10 to 14 days before your rent is due. If we do not have an email address we will send your invoice out via USPO. You will receive a receipt via email for payments made on-line and auto payments. Payments made at the kiosk or in our office also can receive a receipt. USPO payments will receive a receipt only upon request. Please note that invoices are sent to you as a curtesy and rent is due regardless of whether you receive an invoice or not.

+ Q: How do I pay On-Line?

A: You will receive a Gate Code in your WELCOME PAGE of the move in packet. It will give you instructions on setting up your On-Line Account. You may make your payment monthly through your on-line account or set up Automatic Payments using Visa or Master Card Credit or Debit or set up ACH payments using your checking account.

+ Q: What is the purpose of a Security Deposit?

A: I-Deal requires a Security Deposit for each tenant. The SD is held until the lock has been removed from the door of the said unit and the unit has been left broom clean and everything has been removed from the premises including trash or things you no longer want. It cannot be used as or toward the last month’s rent. *Climate Control units must follow instructions posted at the outer door of Climate Control Units. This includes the outer door key being returned to I-Deal as instructed on the door.

+ Q: Is there Security Cameras/video equipment?


+ Q: What to do when I’m Moving Out:

A: Before you move out please advise I-Deal Self Storage of the date of your move out by email at or in writing at PO Box 143, Brooktondale, NY 14817.

Move out procedures are as follows:

Please remove everything from the premises including things you no longer want or trash.

Please sweep the unit out and leave the door pulled down.

Take the lock from your door with you as it is yours to keep.

Climate Control tenants leave the outer door key inside the unit with the door pulled down.

Your Security Deposit will be returned once we check the unit and find everything is in order.

It will be credited back to your credit card on file. If no card is on file we will mail a check to the address on file.

Please advise us prior to move out if this info has changed.

+ Q: How is my Security Deposit Returned when I have left my unit broom clean and have removed all my belongings including trash or things I no longer want from the premises?

A: Your Security Deposit will be returned once we check the unit and find everything is in order.

It will be credited back to your credit card on file. If no card is on file we will mail a check to the address on file.

Please advise us prior to move out if this info has changed.